Interactive Water Management Model

The California Water Foundation has developed an interactive three dimensional model to visually depict the challenges and opportunities for integrated regional water management. The model includes several animations that highlight the impacts of different water management challenges and strategies, such as groundwater overdraft, integrated groundwater management, and levee systems. Additional improvements to the model will be made in the future. Please feel free to manipulate or reproduce the model for non-profit, educational, or research purposes, however, by making use of the model you agree to the following: California Water Foundation, an initiative of Resources Legacy Fund, reserves and retains all intellectual property rights to the model, including but not limited to copyright, which ownership shall be attributed to Resources Legacy Fund in any reproduction of the model. Click here to view the model »

Report Highlights Urgent Need to Address Groundwater Problems Throughout California

Management of California’s groundwater basins is fragmented, and many groundwater management plans are outdated and lacking important details, leaving significant room for improvement, according to a report released today by the California Water Foundation (CWF). The report, An Evaluation of California Groundwater Management Planning, assesses the current condition of groundwater management planning in the state and makes recommendations to support sustainable management.

Full Report

News Release

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What People Are Saying About Protecting California’s Groundwater

Water experts, local water agencies, environmental groups, agricultural interests, homeowners and the media continue to join the call to fix California’s broken groundwater management system. Here’s what they’re saying about two rapidly moving bills (SB 1168 and AB 1739) aimed at advancing sustainable management of groundwater basins in the state.




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